Massage Therapy

The benefits of clinically guided massages are far more than just relaxation. Targeted medical massages can improve range of motion, correct posture and relax muscles. With Dr. Nash’s guidance, your massage therapist will know where your problem areas are and how to fix them.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a form of massage therapy that focuses on the rearrangement of tissue layers deep within the muscles and connective tissue. The movements are quite slow and extreme pressure is applied on tense areas. This technique is corrective and therapeutic while offering many benefits for the human body. It can:

Help break down scar tissue

Alleviate Pain

Loosen constrictive muscles 

Sports Massage

The sports massage technique focuses on treating soft tissue ache, pains and injuries. Many people who participate in athletics consider sports massage to be an essential element to their training and recovery routine. It has been noted that it can help people train more effectively, prevents injuries and improves overall performance. This can:

                               Improve Muscle Flexibility

                           Decreases Muscle Adhesion’s

                              Improves Range of Motion

                              Reduces Muscle Stiffness

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy is a bodywork technique used to treat active and latent “muscle knots” in your body. They can be caused by repetitive motions, injuries and several other activities. The purpose of trigger point therapy is to eliminate the muscle knot by getting the blood to flow in the effected area regulated and back to a normal flow. This will allow oxygen and nutrients to flow freely through the muscles again. This can:

                                            Reduce Pain

                               Improve Range of Motion

                                  Improved Circulation

                     Improved Coordination and Flexibility 

Want to Learn More?

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