About Dr. Nash

Dr. Brett Nash has been in practice since 2008. After graduating from Palmer University, Dr. Nash began his work to help patients in need. He initially opened up a practice in Pennsylvania. After a few years, Dr. Nash moved his practice back home to Joliet, Illinois and began the integrated medical office we know today.
Our chiropractor office puts an emphasis on natural healing without pharmaceutical drugs or unnecessary surgeries. We represent a variety of approaches, including chiropractic care, massage therapy, exercise therapy, rehabilitation and several medical services.


How we make a difference

To make a difference in your life, Dr. Nash has a particular emphasis on postural correction. Whether you're 15 or 75, your body is busy trying to heal itself when you're in a state of ill health. With our techniques. you can see an improvement in your conditions no matter what.
Alongside postural corrections, Dr. Nash values being active and eating well. With our chiropractor, exercise therapist and personal training specialist, you can receive all of the necessary tools to help you grow into health again. We strive to be your number one doctor and we can't wait to make you family.

Contact Us

Contact our office today to schedule your appointment! We offer a new patient special of $70, which includes a full examination, X-rays and a report of findings.